Berry Picking ~ Alaska Wild Red Currant

Come along and learn how to identify wild red currants as well as other berries growing in Laura’a yard. ~Since adapting the raw food lifestyle 3 months ago, Laura has lost 28 pounds. Currently she is 90% raw and still in transition. A medical diagnosis of severe anemia and leukemia prompted the change from a vegetarian diet to a raw food vegan lifestyle. Laura has experienced immense improvement in lab/blood tests as well as in her energy and overall health since switching to raw foods.~

vegan mouthwash, and products??

okay, don’t tell me to look on peta, i need your point of view for this question, i recently became vegan and i am throwing out all my makeup that was tested on animals, i bought tom’s of maine mouthwash & is was absolutly DISGUSTING is was so gross that it made me gag and made my breath smell worse, what toosthpaste and mouthwash do you use as a vegan? and shampoo bcuz i use garnier fruitis right now, whats similair to that?
-if i cant find something for my teeth i might just have to use animal tested products, because i have really bad teeth :/

Vegans: any omni food/cooking/baking magazines that are worth subscribing to?

I would be sharing the subscription cost with my mom, because I’d give the mags to her after I was through with them. So it wouldn’t be a big expense, really. I was considering Food Network magazine & maybe Cooking Light or Eating Well. Does anyone have any opinions on any of these? Are there a lot of easily veganized, yummy, not-so-boring recipes in any of them, or even just lesser known cooking tips & such? I’ve only flipped through a few issues of Cooking Light in the past, and I don’t think I’ve ever held an issue of the others.

A Great Collection of Vegan Recipes and More

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