Media reports on delightful experiences at Loving Hut inn and restaurant

Media reports on delightful experiences at Loving Hut inn and restaurant. The opening of the Loving Hut on Lake Klopein was greeted with excitement by both local and national media such as “Kleine Zeitung,” the most widely distributed regional newspaper in the country, and Kronen Zeitung, Austria’s largest daily newspaper. In the article, “My Holiday Tip for You,” written for the Austrian news magazine “Animal Welfare News,” a canine guest named Flocki shares with readers about the enjoyable visit made with his human caregiver to the Loving Hut inn: “The room my mistress and me were given is simple but elegant and has a wonderful view of the turquoise lake. Thank God nobody smokes here and alcohol is also taboo. The food in the restaurant is mainly organic, prepared with a lot of love and served in a beautiful, friendly atmosphere… All plant-based, so that no animal has to suffer or die. Like this one can really enjoy it all with a good conscience. My mistress and me are enthusiastic about this offer and are not at all looking forward to our departure.” VOICE: Daniel, another happy guest at the inn, wrote an online review at describing his memorable eating experience at the Lake Klopein Loving Hut restaurant, a branch of the fast-growing international vegan restaurants encouraged by Supreme Master Ching Hai. Giving it the highest rating of six suns, he said: “The absolute highlight! (it really deserves 7 suns). We really very seldom ate so well and at

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