Do you have any personally tried-and-true recipes (not smoothies) using a large amount of flax seeds?

Veg and vegans: I’m looking to use up my flax seeds today ~ at least a 1/2 cup. Please share any great recipes that you’ve actually tried and enjoyed (ie:not looking for random net search links).
@Samantha: Yes, I’m interested. Thanks.
@Jessica: Thanks. I’ll try that, too.

Do Vegans welcome others…?

Do Vegans welcome meateaters, who are supportive of their vegan lifestyle, into their community? I make the best vegan baked goods and want to try and make a business out of it, but I love sushi and cheese and have no desire to stop eating them. Do you think this will this hinder my ability to contribute to the Vegan community? I fear that I won’t be taken seriously because I have not committed to the vegan lifestyle – what are your thoughts?
I would only offer the vegan goods : )

A Great Collection of Vegan Recipes and More

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