Fly the Vegan Friendly Skies with Jet Blue Jet Blue offers complementary vegan snacks and a six dollar vegan snack box! I recently flew with them and should add that all flight attendants remained on board for the duration of the flight and they delivered these treats with light-hearted fun banter and a smile! Thanks JetBlue for coming through for vegans with flying colors! You really lived up to your tag line “Happy Jetting”!

Free Healthy Smoothie Recipes * How to Make a Smoothie * Banana Smoothie Recipe * * http * * Homemade Fruit Smoothie Recipes * Free Raw Food Recipes * Health Benefits of Bananas * Raw Food Weight Loss * *First things first…* A Raw Food Rap from Dan the Man with the Master Plan! I’m here to help you thrive, and keep you alive! Yo, I’m so glad to have you here with me today, to share another simple raw foods way Yeah, I got some overripe bananas and I don’t want them to go bad, so I’m gonna put ‘em in a smoothie so I don’t have to be so sad Can you dig it??? ***** OK…onto the recipe! * I ngredients * — 2 Young Coconuts (Coconut Water) — 1 cup of Ice — 6 Bananas, as ripe as you can stand ;) — 1 bunch of Kale (torn into pieces, INCLUDING the stems!) * P reparation * — 1)Open young coconuts to get coconut water out ~ watch this video if you need help: — 2) Add ice, bananas, kale and coconut water from the young coconuts to your Vita-Mix, or other high-powered blender of your choice. — 3) Blend until desired consistency is reached. — 4) Enjoy! * I nspiration * — Bananas are arguably the best food for humankind! — Choose to eat healthy foods, just because it feels good! Feel alive on juices, smoothies & whole fruits & vegetables! — There is no right and wrong on this path! — Whatever decisions you choose to do to improve your life, THAT is where your power lies. You need to decide for yourself what is healthy for you, and then follow your OWN path. Most importantly

BGV – Day #1

I am going to attempt to go vegan for 30 days. Please subscribe and follow along and note any changes in my mental and physical appearance… I am excited to see if this is a healthy choice…. SMART BALANCE VEGAN BUTTER: Follow us on twitter: tag your questions #BGV VEGASM – When Vegan food is so good it makes you ORGASM Enjoy!

❤ Free Juicing Recipes * The LIFESAVER Green Vegetable Juice ❤ * http * * Raw Food Weight Loss * Vegetable Juice Recipes * Raw Vegetable Diet * Free Juicer Recipes * Vegetable Juicing * ❤ Visit my STORE for Juicers & more! http ❤ ❤ The Lifesaver Vegetable Juice ❤ * I ngredients * — 1 bunch Collard Greens — 1 bunch Cilantro — 1 bunch Parsley (flat leaf) — 1 bunch Red Chard — 1 bunch Mustard Greens — 2 Carrots* — 1 Tomato — 1 Cucumber* *unpeeled if organic, peeled if inorganic * P reparation * — 1) Run all ingredients thru your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. — 2) Add ice if desired & enjoy! * I nspiration * — I was talking to someone today about prostate cancer & it inspired me to share with you what I’d personally do if I had cancer. Remember, this is not medical advice! I’m simply letting you know what I would do. — I don’t have a desire to cure anyone of anything, nor attack any diseases. I simply want to share with you my passion for achieving, maintaining & increasing my health…& let you know all the tips, tricks, tools, techniques, lifestyle & dietary choices I’ve personally found to be the most conducive for this…& that I’ve since observed working for others too. It’s up to you what you want to do with this information. You may take it or leave it…as remember, I’m not giving you medical advice. — As many of you know, my good friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker has personally healed himself of Type II Diabetes

Besides vegetables/fruit what do vegans eat??

Is pasta acceptable?? are there certain kinds of granola bars that don’t have animal products?? what about cereals??

I really don’t want to use any animal products… What kind of thigs beside food have animal products in them?? Like Makeup???

Any info is useful!! Thanks you so much!!

P.S. I’ve been a vegetarian for over a year, so this won’t be a really huge change…

A Great Collection of Vegan Recipes and More

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