Why Raw Food Is Not A Diet #3

Check out some of my latest Recipe Books and DVD’s: Why raw food is not a diet describes the raw lifestyle and why its different from regular SAD (standard american diet) diet programs. To date I have lost over 215 lbs with the raw food lifestyle! More videos to come so stay tuned and subscribe on my YouTube page and on my website! Filmed : 10/5/07

World’s first Loving Hut pension launched in Austria

World’s first Loving Hut pension launched in Austria. A new Loving Hut hotel and restaurant recently opened their doors alongside one another in Austria’s fourth-largest tourist destination, the famous Lake Klopein, which is Europe’s warmest bathing lake, located in the state of Carinthia. With the eatery located beside the inn to serve both the pension’s guests and the public, this Loving Hut has also been encouraged by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s vision of a harmonious world in which all may enjoy the comforts of the wholesome, vegan lifestyle in a convenient and affordable way. (In German) Correspondent (F): We are here right in front of the Loving Hut Inn on Lake Klopein in St. Kanzian, Austria. It is all vegan and smoke free. All rooms have been lovingly decorated with images from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s bestselling books “The Birds in My Life,” “The Dogs in My Life,” and “The Noble Wilds.” Visitors are not only able to enjoy the beautiful natural and quiet surroundings, the elegant atmosphere of the hotel, but also the delicious vegan food offered by the Loving Hut Restaurant right next to the pension. Customer — Vegan (F): Everything about this place is just great. Well, with the garden and the children’s playground, it is fantastic! And the location is, of course, really top-notch, and the food is just incredible. One could not do any better. Mrs. Michaela Schaller, “Aktiver Tierschutz Steiermark” animal protection magazine editor — Vegan (F): I am absolutely

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