Vegan lipstick and eyeshadow on the cheap?

So I’m new to being a vegan (10 years vegetarian), and I rarely wear makeup. But, I need some dark grey eyeshadow and red lipstick for my Halloween costume. I live in the middle of nowhere (2 hours from an organic store). I need these items cheaply because I’m only going to use them once.

I have the PETA list of companies that don’t test on animals, but I don’t know which specific products are vegan from the companies that aren’t completely vegan but don’t test.

Oh and I need some clear mascara/brow gel, any ideas on that one (can be more expensive, because I use that daily)?
It has to be purchasable at Walgreens, Walmart, or Hannaford. There is nothing else up here, and I can’t wait for a product to come in the mail.
Please tell me the specific product. And cheap means around $5 each. Products like Smashbox or Urban Decay cost $20 each.

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