Where do you usually like to shop?

I was just wondering. Maybe I could find out about other stores that I’ve never been to here are some I recommend:
PacSun-It’s to the skater/surfer side of things. It has really cute clothing but sometimes overpriced hoodies. But the hoodies are super cute. It’s hard to resist.

Hot Topic-People think this sotre is all ‘emo/goth’ but it’s not. It’s quite dark on the outside but inside it’s quite colorful. And the t-shirts are really cute.

Wet Seal-SUPER cheap with the cutest clothes. The tees are really cute.

Delia’s-It’s quite enviromental and vegetarian and vegan. I am a vegetarian so I find it supportive of ‘hippies’. I know not HIPPIES but enviromenta;. :D

I need a delicious vegan dinner recipe that even regular folks can enjoy?

Hello folks,
I offered to make the girl dinner tonight and while making this proposition the fact that she’s a vegan did not cross my mind. Anyone out there have a good vegan dinner recipe that even carnivorous folks such as myself would enjoy?

Also, where do you get vegan ingredients? As you can tell I know nothing about this lifestyle, can you get the stuff at regular stores (ie giant, safeway) or do I need to go fancy and shop at Whole Foods?

Green Vanilla Bean Shake – Blindfolded!

Rawdawg Rory claims that this delicious shake is so easy to make, he could do it blind folded! Kids love this smoothie! BTW Pardon the mess! We were in the process of moving to CT, so the place looked a little haagard! This video just shows you how easy it is to make healthy raw food! 2 cups almond milk 2 frozen bananas pinch salt 2 big handfuls of greens 3 Tbsp raw honey (or to taste) 1/2 vanilla bean pod Blend and enjoy!

Vegan Chef Alan Chaves: Pasta with Mushroom Caper Sauce & Vegetable Sauté – P2/2 (In Portuguese) • VEG1391; Aired on 2010.07.06 • INGREDIENTS (For all ingredients, please use organic versions if available) Soy Protein and Vegetable Sauté 100 grams soy protein, diced 2 medium onions 1 medium red pepper 1 broccoli 1 cup olive oil ⅓ cup soy sauce ⅓ sesame toasted oil ½ cup peanuts Salt and black pepper to taste Pasta with Caper Sauce and Button Mushrooms 500 grams tagliarini durum pasta 200 grams button mushrooms 100 grams capers ½ cup olive oil 1 medium onion 4 garlic cloves 200 grams soy cream • Please share those videos through facebook and other means. Subscribe, comment and like it are fully appreciated. The videos are in the public domain and free to use in any beneficial way. Download Link:

A Great Collection of Vegan Recipes and More

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