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Green Salad Recipes with Celery Carrot * Healthy Salad DressingRecipes * Raw Food Weight Loss * Raw Food Diet Menu * Summer Salad Recipes * ❤ Super Healthy Tossed Salad Recipe with Herbal Citrus Avocado Salad Dressing ❤ * I ngredients * — 1 head of Romaine Lettuce — 1 bunch of Rainbow Chard — 4-6 Celery stalks — 4-6 Carrots (unpeeled if organic, or peeled if inorganic) — 1 Orange — 1 Lime — 1 Lemon — Fresh Herbs: Rosemary, Dill, Basil & Thyme — 1 Hot Pepper, if desired — 1 Avocado, if desired * P reparation * — 1) Using your food processor’s chopper blade attachment, run romaine lettuce and rainbow chard leaves through your food processor, and then transfer to a serving platter. — 2) Using the same blade attachment, run celery stalks and carrots through the food processor, and then add to the greens on your serving platter. — 3) To make the dressing, use a citrus hand juicer to squeeze the juice of the orange, lime and lemon into the food processor. — 4) Remove leaves from the stems of all your fresh herbs, and add to the food processor. — 5) Add hot pepper and avocado to food processor and blend until desired consistency is reached. — 6) Your salad and dressing are now ready to serve…enjoy! *** Motivation & Inspiration *** You can make the raw food diet work for you. Take some time! Be patient with yourself! You CAN do this. Fruits & Herbs are the simple foundation of your program…isn’t it amazing how SIMPLE true health is? I want *you* to be thin, trim, fit

Is it stupid that my sister got me animal tested make up for my birthday?

I really didn’t want anything for my 17th birthday (didn’t want to waste money on junk I wouldn’t need anyways) so I politely told my family. My sister was getting restless and really wanted to get something (she loves shopping), so I told her to get whatever knick knack, just to please not get make up, knowing she has no idea which brands are tested. She gets all sigh-not-that about it (she doesn’t like that I’m veg). Then she gets me a Maybeline eyeliner and I thanked her, but I guess not SO enthusiastically, so she goes whining to my whole family and now they’re all mad at me for being ungrateful. So I told them it was ridiculous that she got the makeup.
And now they’re outraged and think I’m an ungrateful little brat, etc etc. o.o

I don’t know what to think now :|
I GUESS she had good intentions, and they keep telling me I’m being rude, but I can’t help be bitter when they somehow arranged some sort of anti-vegan birthday for me (cake, makeup, milk chocolate as a gift, etc).

Normally I wouldn’t blab on ranting about this sort of crap, but I was wondering if I could get an opinion outside of the family…
I feel stupid haha.
If you don’t wanna read all that, long story short:
I told my sister to please not buy me makeup for my birthday (for cosmetic animal testing). She did it anyways and now everyone’s mad that I’m not entirely grateful. Who’s at fault? -.-
but doood she may has well have bought me a dead rat. it was pretty fahking rude.

whats a good eyemakeup remover that wont irritate my eyes and is inexpensive?

so basically i guess i wear a lot of makeup for my age, but i can pull it off ;p
anyway i usually use the wipies but i feel thats a waste, plus it tends to dry out my lids.
i w=now have this dollar general brand liquid eyemakeup remover an i have to use a lot… also dries out my eyes and doesnt get off all the makeup

remember, im also vegan. i dont use products tested on animals! so i need help! please & thank yuu :)
oh and is gentle?
i wear eyeliner on my waterline,
so it has to be able to get in my eye too without burning or irritatingg D:

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