How to look more awakein the morning?

I don’t like wearing makeup,i mean i wear mascara and thats basically it. but in the morning I look so tired and white.. but I think the white part is from being Vegan, I read online that vegans are more white, but thats beside the fact… point is, ive tried putting concealer under my eyes, and that didnt help.. and ive tried washing my face with cold water, that was also a bust.

are there any other ways to stop making me look so tired, anything i could eat? or just anything?

The Cleanse: The Wrap Up

If you’ve been paying any attention over the last year to our Twitpics and/or our general approach to eating things, you’ll note that moderation is not something we’re particularly good at (or fond of). Luckily, we haven’t yet made the full transformation into cranky, obese food bloggers, but we do feel like absolute sh*t most of the time. Thanks to us, you will never have to wonder what a 5000 calorie per day diet of animal parts and booze does to you. It makes you feel terrible. You’re welcome. The only reasonable remedy that we could come up with was to hit the reset button. Time for a cleanse. But not one of those ‘all juice, take a week off of work and spend it in the bathroom’ cleanses. We need to eat real food, and feel better. We decided on one week of all raw, all vegan food from One Lucky Duck, the takeout storefront of Infatuation Approved restaurant, Pure Food and Wine. Sarma hooked us up with a seven day program and it turned out to be one of the best ideas ever.

Is all eyeliners at MAC cosemtic an organic?

I am afraid of chemical harrash , I planning order Urban decoy (probably) since it has vegan. I already order organic mascara, now I am missing organic eyeliner. But I know I already have Mac eyeliner,the kind one that is long one with silver cap top on end. It is definetly not waterproof. is it vegan or organic?

like that exactly in pic…
okay, since Mac eyeliner is not organic. I will have to get organic eyeliner because I don’t know what company have mercury ingredient. I heard abt it. Do you know what ingredients I should be warned of ? It will be easily to know when I am buying eyeliner (natural)

post link talking about waning ingredients…if you have them . Thanks!

the kind diet – behind the scenes photo shoot

Hi there! I wanted to share with you a sneak peek of a photo shoot we did for my new book, The Kind Diet. We went up to Ojai and prepared some of the dishes in the book. Victoria Pearson, our fantastic photographer, took beautiful pictures of the food! Everything looked, and tasted, so delicious! I hope you like the video, and hope you make the recipes and enjoy the deliciousness for yourselves!!!!

A Great Collection of Vegan Recipes and More

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