4 thoughts on “Please answer when we try raw foods what does the term dehydrating means and how long is the process and also?”

  1. as far as i know, dehydrating means removing water to preserve it for much longer time.. sun tea, i am hearing about it for the first time.

    btw, i had sent you a yahoo mail, did u receive it?

  2. Dr. Weil has a lot of good info. He is at http://www.drweil.com.

    As for sun tea, I usually purchase organic tea bags (any type), and place them in a pitcher, put in 3-5 liters of water (I use bottled spring, but to each thier own), and then put it out in the sun when I leave in the morning and then pick it up on my way in. Sometimes, for weaker tea, I brew it only until noon, then add more water. Hope it helps!

  3. dehydrating means removing the water. There are dehydrators you can buy or you can set your oven very low and heat the things (like halved apricots or slices of fruit). You can also dry them in the sun. I don’t know what is allowed with diets like raw foods diet. it is too much like religion with arbitrary rules.

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