Stores that sell vegan foods?

I am planning on going vegan, and need to know what stores sell vegan foods. The grocery store in my area really doesn’t but I also have a Jewel nearby. Do they sell a pretty good variety of vegan foods? There is also a Trader Joe’s but it is a little bit of a hike for me. Between those two stores, which one has more variety? (I am assuming Trader Joe’s sells vegan products?)

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  1. Every store is going to have veggie broth, fruits and veggies, herbs, beans, nuts, nut butters, pasta, etc.
    Trader Joe’s has a lot of vegan desserts (a wide range of soy ice creams, and try the CInnamon Twists :) and the Belgian 73% Dark Chocolate Non-Pareils). They also sell a lot more vegan-friendly supplements, fake meats, soy products, ‘milks’, ‘butters’, vegan microwave meals, etc; more out-of-the-way foods like flaxseed and tempeh, stuff you wouldn’t find at SuperFresh.
    I have never even been in a Jewel, so I dunno about that.
    Basically, you can live off any grocery store, but if you’re a total foodie like me, Trader Joe’s is worth the drive.

  2. Kroger does. They sell tempeh and tofu and vegan dogs and burgers and deli.

    Produce and other things are already vegan though.

  3. All stores do. All vegetables, plain whole grains, fruits, dry beans all are naturally vegan. There is also a ton of things that are name brands that are vegan as well.

  4. I’m with amhappy1–You don’t need processed, imitation-meats, or overly processed Vegan foods. Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, et. al. should be in your diet. Which you should be able to find at either of your local grocery stores.

  5. Your grocery store doesn’t sell fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts? You don’t need the over processed expensive stuff.

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