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What to do about family ribbing over veganism?

I am late twenties and married and my husband and I are both vegan (newly, only for about six months). Before then I ate meat, so I know it was kind of a surprise for my family. I thought at first they were being supportive…providing vegan options when we saw them every few weeks, buying non-animal tested cleaning products when I mentioned I had started doing that. But we are going down to celebrate my birthday today and the phone call I had over the dinner was slightly disturbing. Basically my mom and dad were on the phone and my dad kept cracking jokes about me being vegan and although I tried to joke back it got less and less funny. And it doesn’t help that my dad has an advanced degree and has a high position, so when you say something like “dairy cows are treated badly” he tells you something like he worked on a dairy farm and they were in the grass and besides he has no pity because they tried to bite him and poop on him.” I mean, I don’t know what to say to that…but I hate being a joke in any context. I just don’t get the impression they take me seriously and that is bothering me. I feel stupid sitting down and having a serious conversation with them becasue then they will just protest I can’t take a joke. Any other ideas?

How can I be vegan when my family doesn’t support me?

Hi, I’m fourteen and I really strive towards being vegetarian or vegan. My main problem is that my family doesn’t support me like I need them to. Everyone in my family eats meat, and they make fun of me when I say I’m not eating meat, and it gets incredibly awkward. It’s hard, and because of it, I’ve been on and off vegetarianism for a couple years now. I want to do this for the animals, but how can I when I barely get support from the people who love me the most? I know they’re trying to say something supportive, I can see it in their eyes, but could they at least be kinder about it? Any tips on what I should do or say, and how to be a vegan/vegetarian?
I’m determined to be vegetarian or vegan, so my age won’t matter. I’m responsible enough to take vitamins. And I am mainly looking at vegetarianism, i don’t know why I put ‘vegan’ in the question.