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How to help a picky vegetarian lose weight?

My girlfriend has been a vegetarian almost her entire life, by her own decision, and I think she makes really poor diet choices, but I don’t want to say that to her and have her get upset with me (it’s happened already).
I’m a vegan, I’m a twig but I’m not a very picky eater. I eat quite a bit, sometimes I forget to eat though, and I really don’t get much exercise (I sit around way too much, I know it’s bad).

When my girlfriend was a vegan for a year, she said that she didn’t lose any weight, leading me to believe that she makes really poor diet choices. Her financial situation isn’t very good, but neither is mine, however I feel like my dad is more supportive than her mom is. (Also, her mom smokes unfortunately, and if she didn’t, I bet my girlfriend would be healthier because they would have extra money (her mom only smokes outside))

Here is the other thing, she has anxiety and bipolar disorder, very badly. Super low self-esteem. It’s very hard to encourage her to exercise anymore, she won’t go for a walk, and whenever we hang out she gets upset/angry when I bring up exercising.

She’s gained about 30 pounds since we’ve been together, as her anxiety has gotten the better of her, and unfortunately she doesn’t do much other than sit around her house and eat all day :/

It really kills me to watch her fall apart when we finally get to go out somewhere and she’s all upset because she thinks she looks huge/doesn’t have anything that fits. I love her regardless of what she looks like, but I want her to love herself, this seems to be a very hard thing for her to do. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want to.

Her diet seems to consist of a lot of cheese, ice cream and pasta. I had gotten upset with her once for eating cheese (because of what her and I both believe in, but only I currently practice) and that did not go well at all. So getting her to kick the dairy habit is going to be tough. At least she doesn’t like soda.

I feel like if I could help her figure out a diet that her mom can afford, that she would actually eat, her anxiety and bipolar disorder would lighten up a bit. She really is a great person who has been dealt a bad hand one too many times, and I want her to be happy so badly.

So please, if you have any ideas at all, they are very much appreciated. Thank you!
I forgot to mention that she uses food as a security blanket, which she knows isn’t good, but she just feels like she can’t do anything about it so she doesn’t try.
I know that it’s her choice, but it’s a hypocritical choice of her because she is against dairy. But she eats it without a second thought it seems. And this is why I get upset :/ Thanks for the eastern food suggestion :] I know she really enjoys curry (so do I!), I will have to look into this.

P.S. I know that the food is her security blanket, it used to be mine at one point (I quit being veg and gained ten pounds). It is by no means healthy to eat when you’re bored/upset.

How can I convince my friend that going vegan to lose weight isn’t a good idea?

At first I was pretty supportive, considering that generally, when someone first goes vegan they do lose weight. Some more than others, but I definatley know from personal experience that it’s possible to drop a pants size in the first two weeks even.

That’s not the reason I went vegan, but that is the reason why one of my friends did. Despite my trying to tell her that beans and lentils and soy-meat and tofu and alternative sources of protein and calcium were VERY IMPORTANT to being a healthy vegan, she insisted that she was just going to live off of fancy salads and miso soup.

After realizing that the “fancy salad and miso soup” diet isn’t very effective (she was weak all the time and quit after two days) she decided that she would listen to me (finally!) and buy some soy-chicken. Problem is, the soy-chicken she purchased was heavily breaded and contianed both milk and eggs. To that she responded “well that’s not that big of a deal, it’s whatever, and I’m going to eat shellfish too, it’s summer!”

Basically, she’s gone “vegan” for all the wrong reasons. She walks around saying she’s “vegan” but isn’t phased by eating eggs, milk, and even FISH. I don’t mean to be an elitist but I don’t like the fact that she calls herself a vegan when she’s absolutley not, and I am, and I know that it takes some hard work and dedication to comit to a vegan lifestyle.

Also, before she made the transition to “veganism”, i tried to convince her to take it slowly, like, stop eating red meat, then chicken, then fish, and THEN go vegan, but she wasn’t having it. She skipped vegetariansim, and from what I’ve noticed of my friends who’ve tried to go vegan, it’s impossible to be a sucessful vegan and skip over vegetarianism.

What’s saddest of all is that i really wanted her not to fail and to be a good vegan, considering she’s one of my closest friends, and all my other friends that’ve tried to go veg haven’t been sucessful.

Obviously, that’s not the case, and while I hate to lose a convert, her heart just isn’t in it and I need to know how I can tell her that veganism is just not for her and she’s making herself look stupid without being TOO mean.
yeah but if you were a group of cells, or a battery, and someone you saw on the constant started calling themself a battery even though they were just one cell, WOUDN’T YOU BE ANNOYED?!?! haha…