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Lady shattered my VEGAN confidence. :(?

So i was eating lunch at my local today, when one of the waitresses whom i know pretty well, came over and asked why i was only munching on salad and fruit today.

I told her i was going Vegan.

She said, “Oh, well your shoes are made of leather. So youre lying. Why lie?”

“This is my third day. I realize that… Im trying to get myself together, im finding it hard.” I began.

“And youre makeup was probably tested on animals… Youre not Vegan, youre just being a poser.” She snorted and walked off.

I was really heart broken… Im trying my best and im just starting out after being Veggie for a year.
Its really damaged my confidence and i feel EMBARASSED to tell anyone im Vegan, (Trying.) Now.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

vegan mouthwash, and products??

okay, don’t tell me to look on peta, i need your point of view for this question, i recently became vegan and i am throwing out all my makeup that was tested on animals, i bought tom’s of maine mouthwash & is was absolutly DISGUSTING is was so gross that it made me gag and made my breath smell worse, what toosthpaste and mouthwash do you use as a vegan? and shampoo bcuz i use garnier fruitis right now, whats similair to that?
-if i cant find something for my teeth i might just have to use animal tested products, because i have really bad teeth :/