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Vegan bath, body, cosmetics, and more?

I have already changed my diet and now I am moving to this ^^
The products I currently use:
Garnier Fructis moisture works shampoo and conditioner
Dove deep moisture body wash
aveeno creamy lotion
equate sunscreen lotion
clean and clear deep exfoliating scrub
Olay spf 15 face moisturizer
Colgate tooth paste
Fructis curl sculpting gel
degree deodorant
Am I using any vegan products?
Can you help me find some?
I know that Lush sells vegan products. I have never shopped there though.
I straighten my hair so I want to keep it moisturized as well as my skin.
What kind of vegan makeup is there? Is anything not tested on animals vegan? Are sephora products vegan?
Any other tips for vegan, please and thank you ^^

Attemping to go vegan, is this menu a good start?


a bowl of nature valley cereal with vanilla soy milk


a salad with Italian dressing, with a serving of fruit on the side, and possibly crutons , and fruit punch to drink and or water


either veggie hot dogs, chick -n- nuggets w/ ketchup. tomato soup, some boca product, or morning star product with either water or diet soda

If anyone has any good seasoning recipes, or good recipes, please share!
oh and for breakfast today i had a nutri-grain cereal bar
NOTW! the chick -n0 nuggets are from morning star.. not CHICKEN! nuggets! from chickens.. ah duh!

Vegan with a Non-Vegan Husband Dilemma?

About 4 months ago I read a book that changed my life and I decided to take the huge step to eliminating animal products from my diet. I am very proud of this decision and feel great about what I am doing. YET, I have a husband who is a meat eater like NO ONE you have ever met in your life. He is from Brazil and they eat their meat with a side of meat and maybe a glass of meat to go with it! We sat down and discussed what I wanted to do and although he is VERY supportive of my decision and helps me find new foods and restaurants and I am VERY supportive of the fact that this lifestyle is not the right one for him (please don’t bash me), I am having a HUGE problem with cooking for the both of us. He is the pickiest eater you have ever met, aside from the fact that he eats meat, he eat absolutely NO veggies except potatoes. He does love pasta….. as long as it is cheesy, meaty pasta. WILL NOT TOUCH TOFU & HATES when I bake with soy or ANYTHING not milk or eggs (and I have tried to trick him and he freaking KNOWS). I am having to cook separate meals for each of us and I keep thinking that maybe I will wear of on him and open his eyes to new things but it’s just not happening and I am getting frustrated. I just want to know if anyone else has a split house hold and how you cope…. tips and tricks!?