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For teens: how did you convince your parents to let you go vegetarian or vegan?

I let my oldest daughter go vegetarian almost 4 years ago, her younger sister joined in last year. I have no problem with it, and enjoy not having to cook meat. However, a lot of their friends say their parents won’t let them. When I ask the reasons, they seem embarrassed and give me vague answers. I would like to know the arguments a parent might give a child against it – and how to counter argue FOR it. I’d just like to be able to give kids information that might help persuade their parents to at least let them try, and actually be supportive of their child. Thank you!

If you eat a organic vegan diet….?

where do you shop for you foods? I’ve seen some things at wal-mart and other stores, but my Dad has to go on an organic vegan diet, and they live in the middle fo nowhere. We are 80 miles from Wal-mart, K-mart, Smiths etc… So they will have to buy in bulk and can or freeze items.

Are there any good online sites where they can buy fresh or even just dry goods? Please share any and all tips and even a few recipes if you would like.

Thank you so much, all Good input is greatly appreciated.