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Vegan fruit/veggie dips?

Hi everybody!
So I have been a vegan for a few months now, after being a vegetarian for years. Though I feel SO much healthier (I have so much more energy and have already seen a reduction in my migraines.. amazing!!) vegan cooking is still a challenge for me. This week I am having several friends over, and I volunteered to take care of food. My plan is to make everything both vegan and delicious, so my friends won’t feel deprived and I will be able to eat everything.

For snacks, I love the idea of having fruit/veggie trays with different kinds of dips. Does anyone have any ideas for good vegan dips I can make? Other than hummus and salsa, I am really at a loss when it comes to dip recipes that don’t involve cream cheese or sour cream (like I said, veganism is new for me haha).

So does anyone have any good recipes they could share? My guests and I would really appreciate it!

Thanks and have a great day. :)
Also, I have a soy allergy so the recipes can’t have any soy products in them either. Forgot to mention that.. sorry!

Could I become a Vegan right away or…?

Or do I have to do it gradually? I already get to sick to my stomach at the thought of eating meat (or getting close to it) after I started reading Skinny Bitch and saw ( a video) of what really goes on.

My mom doesn’t want me to become a full vegetarian because she thinks I won’t get enough protein since I’m only a 15 year old girl and still growing. I’ve told her that I’ve done my research on this and that I really want to become a vegan, but she stands her ground and won’t let me….
My dad is perfectly fine with this and he is supportive–but my mom isn’t.

Please help.

Being a Vegan : How to Read Food Labels as a Vegan

Learn tips on how to read the labels on food products if you are on a vegan diet in thisfree how-to video on being a vegan and living healthy. Expert: Robert Cheeke Contact: www.robertcheeke.com Bio: Robert Cheeke is president and founder of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. He is a champion bodybuilder, speaker, and one of VegNews Magazines 15 most influential vegan athletes in the world. Filmmaker: Jon Collins