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Best way to go vegan?

I’ve been looking into going vegan for a while. At first I was thinking I’d make the switch after I moved out of home as my parents and both my sisters are meat eaters with no intention of going vegetarian or vegan, and I don’t want to cause unnecessary stress. I’d manage to cook for myself and everything, but while I’m sure my parents are aware of my feelings about animal rights and are quite supportive, I doubt they’d be too chuffed if I announced I was going vegan any time soon.

I’m not currently vegetarian but I only eat meat 3-4 times a week (only when my parents cook it, I never eat it when I buy or make my own food) and I eat red meat about 3 times every 2 weeks. I rarely (almost never) eat veal or lamb. I just want to know what the best way would be to make the transition. Did anyone find it easier going from vegetarian to vegan or is it possible to skip the vegetarian bit? (The few vegans I know were vegetarian beforehand). Did you find it hard to give up animal products? Did you get cravings or anything?

Also, would it be a better idea to learn how to cook vegan meals and find out how to get proper nutrition before going vegan?
A3Ro, while I understand what you’re getting at, I completely disagree.

Sure, animals will still be treated cruelly and exploited for human gain, regardless of whether or not little old me becomes vegan. However, in my mind that exactly like saying “Oh well, people will always kill other people even if I don’t, so I might as well do it as well.”

The point is, I personally will not be contributing to their exploitation. If enough people do this, it’s very possible that it’ll make a difference.

Starting Vegan Life!?

I’m a vegetarian right now. For about 5 months. I have been recently looking things up for being a vegan. Now, i’m not sure exactly everything i need to eat. My parents aren’t very supportive with my vegetarianism. But, i think i can be a vegan if i got the right things. But, i’m not sure what those things are.
What kind of bread CAN i have?
Can i have crackers?
[[I know everything says in bold 'Contains Milk Ingrediant']] Does it also say egg in bold or do you have to read it through?
Can i have all kind of nuts/ cashews?
Is there certain ice cream i can have?
Okay. That’s a lot, but if anyone can answer any of my questions, thanks in advance. (:
I have done some research, but i’m still not so sure.