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Raw Vegan Potluck – Uki, August 2010

In the exquisite World Heritage rainforest near Mt Warning in Uki, NSW, Australia we have our monthly raw vegan potlucks where everybody brings a dish to share and gather to talk about raw vegan issues. This is the way to start a revolution. Get people together doing what they love most – eating! Raw vegan food is the most delicious food on the planet, even mainstream people are surprised at what is possible these days. Start one in your town, Find free recipes online and teach yourself!

Why YOU should go vegan by gotSelena

This video was produced by gotSelena www.youtube.com (scroll down for links to great sites, videos, and recipes!) peace and love best wishes on your journey! -Selena please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments!! :) thank you :) I’m 18 years old/female/ and have been a vegan now for 1 whole year!! wow, how time passes! i’ve never felt more healthy, energetic, clean, happy since going veg. my mind is at ease and i can sleep with a clear conscious knowing i don’t contribute to animal cruelty. my spirituality has bloomed into a euphoric state. it’s a wonderful thing, and i say that going veg is the best decision of my life :) something to think about: do you have a dog, cat, etc. yet still sit down to a steak dinner? why? why do people get arrested for abusing cats and dogs, yet, it’s perfectly legal in America for billions upon billions of animals to suffer enduring and excruciating pain, both mentally and physically, daily..along with loneliness and confusion, in factory farms, circuses, laboratories, and zoos.. why? why is this so? i will be honest, switching from eating meat/eggs/milk and using animals products to going totally vegan is a bit of a challenge, AT FIRST. just because it’s something totally different and new. BUT after just a bit of doing it and just giving it a try you get SO used to it! it feels sooo good. honestly i will never ever go back to eating meat etc. hand to God. and i am surrounded by it everyday by my brother (he’s not a

Questions about some vegan products…?

Right now I’m using Arbonne beauty poducts, I know Arbonne isn’t tested on animals, but does it have any animal bi-products in it? (If so, what makeup should I switch to?)

I’m trying to think of everything I use on a daily basis and get them to all be cruelty-free… So far I have:

Toothpaste: Tom’s of Maine/Nature’s Gate

Lip Balm: Merry Hempsters/Lush/Alba

Shampoo/Conditioner: Tressemme

Body wash: Talulah http://www.talulahskincare.com/

Deodorant: Kiss My Face/Active Enzyme Deodorant/Totally Vegan

Beauty Products: Apothena – http://www.apothena.com/

Is there anything else I’m missing? I already use all natural household cleaning products that I make so I don’t need to worry about that… anything else? Tips are also appreciated =)

Do you have to be all or nothing to be able to call yourself vegan?

I recently decided to become vegan, and have had a LOT of naysayers and resistance from friends. They keep saying things like, “Oh, you can’t use makeup, antibiotics and medications, tape, plant and pet food, nail files, hair care, lotions, paintings, the new furniture you buy, rubber bands, and shoes, antifreeze in your car, etc” ETC and I’m thinking , hey, I’m vegan because I don’t eat meat or other animal products, and I’m JUST getting started. I need more time to learn and replace my household products with those that don’t contain any animal products or test on animals…

But for now, I’m starting out by not consuming any animal products (and have even started to switch beauty products to vegan ones)…but my friends keep telling me “it’s all or nothing!”

It’s almost like they don’t want me to be able to say I’m vegan…I’m not getting this hostility…??? I really don’t even care about labels; it’s not about being able to call myself a vegan. It’s about the conscious choices I’m making to make a difference in the world…and that’s what I told them, but they’re still like “You’re only vegetarian”

This is really annoying to me. Am I still a vegan even though EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of my life isn’t 100% “vegan”?

How to become a vegan when..?

so much of our world is producing products made from animal materials?
I’m a vegetarian, but i do want to become a vegan eventually. (i’ll have to move out first)
i’m just wondering, how am i supposed to avoid everything? I try my best because i don’t feel comfortable doing so but i just can’t avoid everything. it’s everywhere.. marshmallows, makeup, everything. Some suggestions?

Also, how do you cope with going to a birthday party where they are eating cake, as cake baked with eggs? I wouldn’t want to be rude and refuse birthday cake during a cheerful celebration.
I need help from some experienced vegans, please!