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animal skin and going vegan?

I’m a vegetarian, but my family is not very supportive.
My mom cooks some of my meals but i have to cook most of them (which i’m totally fine with),
but i can’t put up with my dad’s teasing. He thinks i’m being stupid for going vegetarian.. but after making that choice, i don’t think i’ll ever go back. If anything, i’ll go a step further. I want to go vegan, because (although i thought different before) animals are still being killed in the dairy industry. Half of the cows are males, which are killed.
Deny it all you want, i just don’t want to consume animals anymore. I was going to wait until i move out because then i’ll fill my house with the food i want, and not have to share the fridge with dead animals, but i don’t know if i can wait that long. What are some good alternatives for food when being a vegan?
** What can i use as a protein supplement as of now? (I’m eating tofu, simulated meats, beans, etc.)
Also, i don’t want to wear animal skins such as leather. I just realized today, that i might have been wearing some suede..
** from what animal is that, and how do i know if a purse/shoes are animal skin?

[vegan] Apple-Cinnamon Pie (english & deutsch)

[Vegan!] Türkischer Apfel-Zimt Kuchen Kontakt: HaticeNoir@gmail.com www.pseudoerbse.de http twitter.com Stell’ mir anonym deine Fragen: www.formspring.meAll shown, used and mentioned products in this video are purchased by myself. I’m not get paid for show, use or mention products in this video. Nothing of these products sent me for free. Die verwendete Hintergrundmusik stammt von den französischen Musikern “Elfes”. Die verwendeten Lieder heißen: “Venus en a marre”, “Marie-Claire” und “Flash!”. Alle drei Lieder stehen unter der Creatice Commons License 2.0 und sind für die gewerbliche Nutzung zugelassen. creativecommons.org Direktlink: www.jamendo.com

Vegan Diet? meal ideas?

I am looking for a new vegan diet. I have been vegetarian for 4yr and vegan for 2months. Im finding that im getting board of my regular foods. If anyone has any good recipes please share.

Also i need new lunch ideas. Bagles, pasta and salad arnt cutting it anymore. And im tired of fake vegan lunch meat. Anyone have any lunch Ideas?

Also if you know a week meal plan for like 1200 calories that would be great. Like a plan for what to eat everyday of the weeks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dont comment about the 1200 cals, I know its low but its all I normally eat and all i have eaten all day for yrs, so its not like im cutting back.