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Should I go from vegetarian to vegan? (help)!!!?

I am 13, and have been vegetarian now for about 1 or 1 1/2 years. I am glad I am vegetarian like my mom. I want to turn vegan but i dont know what I would eat. My mom says being vegan is hard, and she doesn’t want me to become a vegan that doesn’t enjoy life. I don’t want to be a strict vegan. I just want to be a vegan that eats the diet of a vegan, I would not wear fur/wool/angora/silk. Wool and angora make me to itchy! Silk…would make me cold.
The clothes part isn’t hard. What worries me is that I wouldn’t eat a “good” diet. So any tips on what I should eat and not eat?
If I went out to dinner and I couldn’t find anything vegan I would go with vegetarian food there. See, i still want to enjoy life. Also, would I HAVE to get vegan clothes,makeup, etc.?
Any good tips for being vegan??? or trying to be vegan?? if it doesn’t work out I will be vegetarian again.

So any tips? good ways to change from vegetarian to vegan?
What should I eat??
Should I take B12 supplements? what supplements should i take?
actually YOU can eat pasta
thanx everyone…i am going to do research and see if I choose to go vegan.

Good Vegetarian recipe to take for easter dinner?

I will be spending Easter with my boyfriends family this year and I have not celebrated the holiday in a family setting for years however I am sure they will be having meat for dinner. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a meat substitute dish I can make and take a long to share and also to make sure I get to eat. I am a vegetarian and my boyfriend and none of his family are vegetarians. Hopefully a suggestion that non-vegetarians would enjoy as well since I want to show everyone that vegetarians don’t just eat bland veggies. It does not have to be vegan just no meat or anything like broth used from actually animals.

Should Y/A have a Vegetarian Recipes category?

Whenever I turn to the vegetarian category all I find are battles between compulsive neurotics about rigid categories of vegetarian vs. meat-eating. This leads nowhere. And what really would lead somewhere is sharing recipes. Having a good recipe is having a vegetarian meal. But look in the Recipes category and you geta lot of how-to-mix-hamburger-with-onion-soup-mix receipts. Shouldn’t Y/A add a special category for vegetarian recipes and possibly also a second for vegan?
To clarify, people can and do post vegetarian recipes in the general recipe category–but they are so hard to find! It is a needle in a haystack. Also, I am not much impressed with the recipes in the recipe websites. They are okay but never sensational.