10 thoughts on “Why do you think some people are so threatened by a vegan lifestyle?”

  1. Most of my friends are omnivores (many with a strong lean towards carnivore) and we are able to playfully joke about each others lifestyle/diet choices. Thankfully we understand each others choices and can respect that.

    I often find that omnivores or people with a meat-centric diet are confused by someone’s choice to be vegan. They just don’t understand how it’s possible. “I could never do that” is what they often say. I try and enlighten them and make them aware of the benefits (weight loss, less processed foods, increased energy, etc.) and how it really isn’t as hard as it looks. Substitute, substitute, substitute as I always say!

    That being said, the topic of animal cruelty is almost never mentioned unless they are asking why I have chosen to be vegan. Most people I encounter listen respectfully. I am simply sharing information that they can do with as they please. Any kind of zealous fanaticism (religious, political, or vegan) will not change anyone’s mind and will only alienate people from your cause or ideas.

  2. Most people are threatened by alternative lifestyles, and vegan/vegetarian is, in American society, an alternative lifestyle. To most people, abstaining from meat is not ‘normal,’ and because it’s not normal they feel free to immediately question your lifestyle, tease you about it, or outright tell you it’s wrong.

    I get it all the time. As a matter of fact, it was brought up while I was lunching at work and pretty much all my coworkers agreed that if you are vegan, you are definitely deficient in nutrients. How am I going to argue against 8 other people who’ve already made up their minds on the matter? That’s usually how it is, though. It’s a minority lifestyle, so be prepared for the negativity that comes with that.

  3. Guilt, or a sense of inferiority.

    What is interesting is that I’ve been vegan for almost 20 years, and I never bring it up in conversation. I know dozens of vegans from groups and supper clubs, and I have never met anyone with the arrogant attitude online omnivores claim to dislike so. My guess is they have never encountered a real live vegan, or if they have, they had no idea they were meeting one.

    Living a life with as little cruelty and harm as possible affects more than just what you eat. Vegans tend not to be angry and confrontational.

  4. Meat eaters sometimes feel that vegetarianism is an attack of them, which is typical. Vegetarians do something noble for the non-human animals and still people immediately think of themselves.
    Most veggies experience this.

    But then, amazingly…

    Lacto-ovo vegetarians do he same things to the vegans! They sometimes feel that vegans are vegans only to make them feel bad and put them down. Veganism is only a slightly different cause where we believe that all use is misuse. Veggies and vegans should not fight amongst themselves,

  5. I am not a Vegetarian nor a Vegan but I do have an interest in Animal Welfare and Animal Rights.

    There will always be people who will never open their mind to another person’s opinion. People will disagree with another person’s opinions/answers for various reasons.

    The way I see it, people have the right to not be a Vegetarian nor a Vegan. But people also have the right to be Vegetarian or a Vegan if they choose to be.

    Since I am not a Vegetarian nor a Vegan, that does NOT give me the right to get angry with a person that chooses to be a Vegetarian or a Vegan.

    Be with people who will accept you for who and what you are as a person. Be PROUD of who and what you are as a person. If a person get angry with you for being a Vegetarian or a Vegan, just remember that it IS their problem and NOT your problem.

  6. it is just because some people are ignorant and dont want to have an open mind. and also because some, definitly not all, non-meat eaters come across as though they think they are better than everyone else.

  7. The first answerer has ONE viewpoint on it. Another viewpoint I bring up could be the fact that some people could feel annoyed with Vegans, (and I’m not accusing you of doing this), and either due to personal experience or the stereotype of the Vegan, will believe that the Vegan will start harassing and nagging them for eating meat, and start whining and complaining about cruelty to animals and launch their manifesto of anti-meat and anti-cruelty.

    The best way to not threaten people when you tell them you are Vegan is to not talk about being “cruelty-free”—that implies that anyone who isn’t a Vegan is FOR cruelty towards animals. It’s unfair, arrogant, and overall makes you out to be a very unlikeable person (putting it mildly)

    There is no such thing as a “cruelty-free” lifestyle—someone or something ALWAYS suffers so you may live, even if it’s the machine man who breaks his hand trying to fix the machine that produces your synthetic clothing.

  8. By stating that you’re a vegan they know you don’t support the consumption/use of animals products they probably feel like you are condemning them…even if you have no intention of doing so.Rather than actually rethinking their choices and actions it’s a lot easier to stick in their comfort zone and defend their current choices.

  9. its usually not the lifestyle itself. (most people really don’t give a darn about what you eat) It’s usually the “out there, in your face, you eat meat, therefore you are a cruel evil person” attitude that some vegans have.
    If you’re vegan and that’s working for you, great! But most non vegans aren’t making it a point to tell everyone they’re non vegans. (because..again, no body cares what anyone’s eating)

    If you’re a political activist trying to make a point, well..you have to be prepared to come across people who disagree with said point.

    Of course, that’s only my opinion. Personally, i think you should enjoy your salad, i’ll enjoy my dead chicken, and we’ll both have a beer…it’s all good.!

  10. I’m not vegan, but vegetarian and have never come across people being hostile. They always think you are doing it to lose weight though.

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